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About Me

The short version: She/her. White. Abolitionist. Children’s librarian. SAHM. Raising anti-racist children and holding space for people willing to learn. Also known to wrangle chickens, dogs, vegetables, and bees.

Living on Nisenan territory.

The long version: Being white in America I was raised with virtually no racial literacy. Being middle class in America I was raised with virtually no class literacy. Being cisgender, heterosexual, primarily able bodied, Christian (although I am no longer), with English as a first (and only) language I was raised with virtually no literacy around marginalized identities. In other words I was raised in a white supremacist society, but was raised not to see the systems of oppression all around me. That was by design, maybe not my parents, but definitely by the system’s design.

After diving into both unlearning and relearning around systemic oppression and white supremacy and joining local, grassroots organizations working to create a more just and equitable world, I became an abolitionist. You might have heard that term in your U.S. history class in the unit on the pre-Civil War era United States, and sadly it’s still a relevant term.

Back then abolitionists wanted to end slavery. Today abolitionists want to tear down all systems of oppression and, most importantly, rebuild new ways of being in this world that treat everyone as human, worthy, and valuable. 

Being an abolitionist is more than something you just take on and off. It becomes a part of how you see the world, how you move in the world, and impacts your choices for how to respond to the world every single day. I don’t always do it right or well and it’s probably impossible to completely divest from white supremacy, but I am trying. My hope is to share with other people who share some identities with me, especially white people, ways they can work on dismantling white supremacy in themselves, building community, and taking anti-racist action locally and in your everyday lives. 

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